André Tremblay, PhD

Professor titulaire, CHU Ste-Justine, University of Montreal


Research interests

  • Cell biology of nuclear receptors
  • Hormonal response of reproductive tissues
  • Transcriptional mechanisms in breast and ovarian tumorigenesis

Nuclear receptors are transcription factors that control gene expression in response to hormonal stimulation. In the laboratory, we study in particular the  ERα and ERβ estrogen receptors that are responsible for the hormonal response of reproductive tissues, the RAR receptors that respond to vitamin A derivatives, and those in the PPAR family (α, β, and γ) which are essential regulators of energy metabolism.

Our studies allow to characterize the hormonal response with that of growth factors and cytokines on the regulation of target genes under the control of nuclear receptors. These studies will allow a better understanding of the role of cellular effectors in gynecological pathology and to identify new therapeutic targets.

Members of the laboratory

Samira Benhadjeba, MSc
PhD student

Véronique Caron, MSc
Research assistant

Lydia Edjekouane, MSc
PhD student

Loïze Maréchal, MSc
PhD student

Maximilien Laviolette, BSc
MSc student

Mélissa Bisson, BSc
MSc student

Jonathan Gagnon, MSc
PhD student

Baly Sow, BSc
MSc student