Equity - Diversity - Inclusion

The CRRF is committed to promoting equity, diversity and inclusion within the Center.

In order to allow all people to benefit from the same opportunities for collaboration, interaction and research support, the CRRF will not tolerate any kind of discrimination based on gender, sexual orientation, identity and gender expression, social condition, disability, age, belonging to the First Peoples, migratory status, ethnic origin, language, religion as well as belonging to a racialized group.

The principles of equity, diversity and inclusion specified in the Vision Statement of the University of Montreal.

The actions implemented by the CRRF are as follows::

  1. Ensure and promote respect and fairness for all its members.
  2. Do not tolerate any form of intimidation, discrimination or
    harassment and protect those who are at risk of experiencing inequality or harassment.
  3. Regularly review our recruitment practices and procedures in order to
    to ensure fairness in the process and adequate representation of diversity.
  4. Promote recruitment based on the research interests of the
    candidate and their academic record.
  5. Inform all its members of the commitments made in terms of equity, diversity and inclusion and the actions put in place to correct any gaps.

The CRRF encourages all people who believe they are subject to discrimination, or even witness inappropriate behavior or comments, to express their concerns to the management of the Center or to the University of Montreal or their home research center. .