8th WIP of CRRF

24 Apr 2019 News

The 8th CRRF “Work in Progress” took place on December 12 at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at St-Hyacinthe. The presentation of Dr. Boeroboon’s laboratory began in the afternoon. Guillaume St-Jean gave a presentation on:Deletion of lats1/2 commits mullerian mesenchymal cells to the myofibroblast cell fate followed by that of Philippe Godin entitled: Roles of signaling pathways developing Hippo and Slit-Robo in the ovarian physiology of mice. The meeting ended with the presentation of Dr. McGraw’s laboratory with the successive presentations of three students. Karine Doiron: Impact of pathogenic DNMT3A mutations on the specification and programming of the cell line in Tatton-Brown-Rahman syndrome. Lisa-Marie Legault: Disruption of DNA Methylation after Preimplantation Alcohol Exposure and Consequences on Cognitive Function and Elizabeth Elder: Recovery of Epigenetic Deregulation of Printed Genes in Embryonic Cells by CRISPR Epigenome Editing. Thank you for your participation!.

Thank you for your participation!