11th CRRF WiP

3 Dec 2019 News

The 11th CRRF WiP will be held on Tuesday December 3 at 1pm at the Faculty of veterinary medicine in St-Hyacinthe. While researchers attend the Members Assembly, students and lab staff will have a presentation by Dr. Maajid Hassam Bhat, a postdoctoral fellow at SEMEX in St-Hyacinthe, entitled: Cryopreservation: survival of the frozen.

Students who will then present are  Nicolas Barbeau-Grégoire (Jocelyn Dubuc), Karla Elena Herrera-Hidalgo (Mouhamadou Diaw), Lia Paim (Greg FitzHarris), Esdras Corrêa dos Santos (Gustavo Zamberlam) and Loïze Maréchal (André Tremblay).